Cthulhu Wellstone

Fire cleanses all

Act 1 Scene 3

Dr. Daghlian had gone back to his lab with his assistants Franz and Josep to do some research on the samples he’d aquired from the sewer after the museum massacre. He discovered a way to trace the unique signature of glowing green mold. Shortly there-after he and his assistants started driving around the city trying to catch a trace of it again. They managed to get a good fix down at the docks and Henry being naturally curious and possesing a scientist conviction of the pursuit of truth he dragged his assistants onward to the Fosters shipping dock. Unfortunately they were jumped just before they found the source of the signal and were locked up under the dock warehouse.

The rest of the party having learned of Shawn Fosters involvement at the docks they had come to confront him. They stumbled upon Henry Daghlian locked up under the warehouse with his assistant and quickly freed him. Together they continued onward towards the Fosters office at the end of the pier and ransacked it for information. They found many maps and documents pertaining to Shawns strange expeditions to foreign locales. On their way back they slipped into the warehouse and found some of the dock goons playing cards. They confronted the goons and after a quick altercation the goons were down. They confronted Shawn in the office and deying reality he summoned another of the feline creatures to attack them. Pierre dispatched it quickly and Shawn collapsed. They tried to question him but before they could get much information he drew a medallion he’d been wearing, covered it in his blood and slammed it into a strange circle drawn onto the floor in his office. The activated a hasty defense, by awakening that which lay dormant in his goons. Something that was unatural. The goons regardless of wounds or injuries advanced upon the party, they were inhuman and driven by some kind of creature buried within them. Their throats ripped open, blossoming into a gaping hole from which their tongue rolled out to hang limply.

While some of the party kept these zombie-like creatures at bay Henry using his keen scientific mind shut down the strange reaction Shawn had begun. It was a grisly solution though and he ended up covering his entire arm in Shawns blood to be able to reach past the barrier the circle was producing to remove the medallion and once done the goons all dropped, lifeless or at least dormant. To make sure nothing unatural survived the party decided it was best if they burned the dock.

Shawn Foster was placed in the care of the good Dr. Hess who has the facilites to take care of the mentally infirm and his father, owner of Fosters Shipping was quite happy to have the doctor take care of the family’s loose ends so to speak.


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