Cthulhu Wellstone

Hush children whats that sound, everybody look whats going down...


Pierre Cronuit had called in to his office to let them know they were going to have to stop the presses once again but when he talked to his favorite secretary at the office he was informed that something was not quite right. She said that something was wrong with everyone that they’d been acting strange and she was afraid. Thinking quickly Pierre told her to grab his notes from the previous stories and to get out of their asap.

Pierre called Dr.Hess who was close to the paper as some trusted backup. Dr.Hess had been studying one of the slug like creatures and discovered the tissue samples had a strange affinity for salt. When he showed up to the office with Pierre they checked the kitchen and noticed the coffee had been dosed with huge amounts of salt. When they finally caught the attention of the office floor the entire office reacted as one, a strange keening noise came from the massed bodies behind the desks and they charged Pierre and Herman.

Pierre and Herman bravely decided that discretion was the better part of valor and rand for it. The office workers gave chase and after a lengthy chase, they were cornered on the 2nd floor, they fought and ended up shooting one of the reporters who’d chased them and he showed almost no reaction and kept fighting. These men were reacting almost exactly like the goons from the dock, only quicker and tougher. Thankfully the party finally managed to lose their pursuers and escaped. Making it to a near by diner they called the WSPD and Pierre told his contact briefly what had happened.


AndrewLaliberte AndrewLaliberte

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