Cthulhu Wellstone

The Prodigal Daughter

Act 2 Scene 1

It’s been six long months since the events the initially drew the party together. Dr.Hess has continued his work and study on both his newly received patients and the strange other worldly samples he got from the horrific creatures they had faced.

Dr. Dhaglian has been conducting wild and questionable “experiments” with both the glowing gunk he’d been tracking as well as the books and symbols Shawn Foster had been using. He’s even begun conducting human trials with the strange substnace, using his available resources (lab assistants) as guinea pigs. Who knows what strangeness will result from this decision.

Mark Spitz has finally caught a break and is currently in Hollywood waiting for filming to commence for his first motion picture Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Pierre Cronuit unfortunately has fallen on harder times. He’s managed to find work at least, with the new Wellstone Gazette. This 2nd rate operation is now the only game in town after the Wellstone Herald mysteriously dissapeared. His favorite gal from the paper also dissapeared that same night he was chased out of the paper. She managed to grab his notes but has yet to surface from wherever she’s been hiding. To top it all off Pierres been struggling to deal with it all and has ended up crawling into more than a few bottles, in fact its rare to find him comepletely sober these days.

The party has been rounded up by the Mayor, Police Chief McGruder and Pierres trusted contact at the WSPD and brought to a covert meeting in the bowels of city hall. The mayors daughter has gone missing and Chief McGruder can’t trust his own men to handle the job of finding her. They’ve become “unreliable” and something is definilty off about his men. Left with no other option they’ve turned to the party, who previously managed amazing heroics in solving the museum massacre case. As well they’ve called in some back up for the party. Chief McGuders older cousin Doug McGruder, formally Detective McGruder who retired from the force quite a few years ago. As well a young man just back from the war, a friend of the McGruder family, (Louis) will accompany them as some extra muscle should things get hairy.

The team went off quickly to try and catch Cynthia’s trail and they started at her apartment. Doug’s keen mind found reference to a concert in the park on the night Cynthia dissapeared. Deciding this was as good a place as any they went to the park and blended into the crowd. Dr. Hess decided to bravely accompany a young woman from the party as many people wandered off into the park along the trails once the concert had finished. The rest of the party followed along behind them to be ready in case they managed to draw out Cynthia’s abducter.

Stopping along the trail Dr. Hess’s bait “date” was hit from behind by a large chitinous pill bug like creature which paralyzed the girl and dragged her off into the woods. The party gave chase and managed to catch the bug as it tried to drag the girl down into a large tunnel in-between the trees. The party quickly dispatched the bugs convergin on the tunnel, all draggging bodies and after getting re-supplied they’ve ventured down into the tunnel.


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