Cthulhu Wellstone

Tracking Down the "Tugs"

Act 1 Scene 2

The party was meeting up so Pierre could get some interviews when they stumbled upon a rather upset and slightly intoxicated museum curator. He let it slip that the stone tablet that had been stolen had come from an anonymous donor. The transaction had been handled by the mysterious benefactors lawyer, though he seemed nervous about the whole deal.

Deciding to investigate the party checked out the lawyers office only to find that he’d barricaded himself in his office, perhaps for days, drinking scotch and scribbling on the walls. Strange alien symbols and horrific images were scratched into the walls into his desk, and just about every other surface in the rooms.

As the party tried to talk him down to some semblance of sanity Pierre and Dr. Hess were alerted to someone coming up the elevators (Dr. Hess had bravely volunteered to be in the rear…to watch everyone’s backs of course). When the elevators arrived though there was no one there though something unseen could be heard running past the pair down the office halls towards the lawyers office. The party quickly dealt with their unseen party crasher and found that it was a strange feline creature with chameleon like properties.

They managed to calm the lawyer down long enough to get some info out of him. The tablet that had been stolen had belonged to his client Shawn Foster, of the famous Fosters shipping company. One of the biggest family’s in town they owned a great deal of the waterfront and many properties around wellstone. Shawn had been financing strange trips around the world to aquire strange artifacts. Shawn didnt have the money for these kinds of ventures himself but the family did, and seemed to turn a blind eye to his use of family assets for these expeditions. In recent months Shawn had grown more and more erratic, obsessed with trying to find this tablet and oblivious to the damage he’d been doing to the family fortune, and reputation should some of his methods for finding this tablet be discovered. Once Shawn had found it though he seemed no better, constantly locked away in his docks warehouse with the artifacts, his lawyer thought he was acting in Shawns best interest when he took the tablet and offered it to the museum. Hoping some distance from it would help Shawn snap out of his manic state.

Unfortunately he’d badly misjudged Shawns reaction and was ill prepared for what happened next. The brazen museum robbery for one and the constant harassment and death threats he’d received from Shawn and his hired goons.

Hearing this the party quickly dashed off to the docks in hope of capturing Shawn Foster and his goons red handed.


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