Cthulhu Wellstone

Night at the Museum
Act 1 Scene 1

Tommygun It was quite the night for the party goers at the Wellstone City Museum. What started out as a simple exhibition fundraiser quickly turned into a nightmare for the wealthy and elite of the city. Thankfully, due to the actions of a few brave souls, the ruffians who busted into the dinner were met with some spirited, if impromptu, resistance. Unfortunately there were some heavy losses among the wealthiest and most influential families which affected even city hall itself as the mayor was struck down during the ruffians charge to the priceless antiquities of the exhibition which seem to have been the cause and focus of this horrendous attack.

As luck would have it though, medical attention was quickly at hand and the brave Dr. Herman Hess attended to the wounded mayor and his lovely daughter Cynthia. Making it almost a personal duty to care for them that night and spiriting them off to…safety?

The bulk of the heroics that night was handled by some local characters, an up and coming actor by the name of Mark Spitz whose valiant swordsmanship, and showmanship, complimented Mr. Henry Daghlian quick thinking and somewhat brutal actions to take care of the unexpected party crashers.

The local paper, The Wellstone World News really is about to make it to the world stage with tomorrows front page. The signiture photo of a masked criminal a split second before he’s impaled by an ancient spear. This photo and quite a few others were taken by a brave photo journalist who not only found time to get what is sure to be some award winning photographs, but also deal with the situation directly.

Unfortunately a few of the goons managed to escape into the night, though they were pursued by the dynamic duo of Harry and Spitz in the Spitzter. Though a successful chase brought about an untimely end to the goons escape one of them managed to make his way down into the sewers with his ill gotten goods, the artifacts ransacked from their display case. Upon chasing the party crasher down into the sewers, Spitz recieved quite the fright upon finding what was left of their assailant. He had been dealt with most harshly by forces as yet unknown and was a mess of flesh and desecration.


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