Cthulhu Wellstone

The Prodigal Daughter
Act 2 Scene 1

It’s been six long months since the events the initially drew the party together. Dr.Hess has continued his work and study on both his newly received patients and the strange other worldly samples he got from the horrific creatures they had faced.

Dr. Dhaglian has been conducting wild and questionable “experiments” with both the glowing gunk he’d been tracking as well as the books and symbols Shawn Foster had been using. He’s even begun conducting human trials with the strange substnace, using his available resources (lab assistants) as guinea pigs. Who knows what strangeness will result from this decision.

Mark Spitz has finally caught a break and is currently in Hollywood waiting for filming to commence for his first motion picture Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Pierre Cronuit unfortunately has fallen on harder times. He’s managed to find work at least, with the new Wellstone Gazette. This 2nd rate operation is now the only game in town after the Wellstone Herald mysteriously dissapeared. His favorite gal from the paper also dissapeared that same night he was chased out of the paper. She managed to grab his notes but has yet to surface from wherever she’s been hiding. To top it all off Pierres been struggling to deal with it all and has ended up crawling into more than a few bottles, in fact its rare to find him comepletely sober these days.

The party has been rounded up by the Mayor, Police Chief McGruder and Pierres trusted contact at the WSPD and brought to a covert meeting in the bowels of city hall. The mayors daughter has gone missing and Chief McGruder can’t trust his own men to handle the job of finding her. They’ve become “unreliable” and something is definilty off about his men. Left with no other option they’ve turned to the party, who previously managed amazing heroics in solving the museum massacre case. As well they’ve called in some back up for the party. Chief McGuders older cousin Doug McGruder, formally Detective McGruder who retired from the force quite a few years ago. As well a young man just back from the war, a friend of the McGruder family, (Louis) will accompany them as some extra muscle should things get hairy.

The team went off quickly to try and catch Cynthia’s trail and they started at her apartment. Doug’s keen mind found reference to a concert in the park on the night Cynthia dissapeared. Deciding this was as good a place as any they went to the park and blended into the crowd. Dr. Hess decided to bravely accompany a young woman from the party as many people wandered off into the park along the trails once the concert had finished. The rest of the party followed along behind them to be ready in case they managed to draw out Cynthia’s abducter.

Stopping along the trail Dr. Hess’s bait “date” was hit from behind by a large chitinous pill bug like creature which paralyzed the girl and dragged her off into the woods. The party gave chase and managed to catch the bug as it tried to drag the girl down into a large tunnel in-between the trees. The party quickly dispatched the bugs convergin on the tunnel, all draggging bodies and after getting re-supplied they’ve ventured down into the tunnel.

Hush children whats that sound, everybody look whats going down...

Pierre Cronuit had called in to his office to let them know they were going to have to stop the presses once again but when he talked to his favorite secretary at the office he was informed that something was not quite right. She said that something was wrong with everyone that they’d been acting strange and she was afraid. Thinking quickly Pierre told her to grab his notes from the previous stories and to get out of their asap.

Pierre called Dr.Hess who was close to the paper as some trusted backup. Dr.Hess had been studying one of the slug like creatures and discovered the tissue samples had a strange affinity for salt. When he showed up to the office with Pierre they checked the kitchen and noticed the coffee had been dosed with huge amounts of salt. When they finally caught the attention of the office floor the entire office reacted as one, a strange keening noise came from the massed bodies behind the desks and they charged Pierre and Herman.

Pierre and Herman bravely decided that discretion was the better part of valor and rand for it. The office workers gave chase and after a lengthy chase, they were cornered on the 2nd floor, they fought and ended up shooting one of the reporters who’d chased them and he showed almost no reaction and kept fighting. These men were reacting almost exactly like the goons from the dock, only quicker and tougher. Thankfully the party finally managed to lose their pursuers and escaped. Making it to a near by diner they called the WSPD and Pierre told his contact briefly what had happened.

Fire cleanses all
Act 1 Scene 3

Dr. Daghlian had gone back to his lab with his assistants Franz and Josep to do some research on the samples he’d aquired from the sewer after the museum massacre. He discovered a way to trace the unique signature of glowing green mold. Shortly there-after he and his assistants started driving around the city trying to catch a trace of it again. They managed to get a good fix down at the docks and Henry being naturally curious and possesing a scientist conviction of the pursuit of truth he dragged his assistants onward to the Fosters shipping dock. Unfortunately they were jumped just before they found the source of the signal and were locked up under the dock warehouse.

The rest of the party having learned of Shawn Fosters involvement at the docks they had come to confront him. They stumbled upon Henry Daghlian locked up under the warehouse with his assistant and quickly freed him. Together they continued onward towards the Fosters office at the end of the pier and ransacked it for information. They found many maps and documents pertaining to Shawns strange expeditions to foreign locales. On their way back they slipped into the warehouse and found some of the dock goons playing cards. They confronted the goons and after a quick altercation the goons were down. They confronted Shawn in the office and deying reality he summoned another of the feline creatures to attack them. Pierre dispatched it quickly and Shawn collapsed. They tried to question him but before they could get much information he drew a medallion he’d been wearing, covered it in his blood and slammed it into a strange circle drawn onto the floor in his office. The activated a hasty defense, by awakening that which lay dormant in his goons. Something that was unatural. The goons regardless of wounds or injuries advanced upon the party, they were inhuman and driven by some kind of creature buried within them. Their throats ripped open, blossoming into a gaping hole from which their tongue rolled out to hang limply.

While some of the party kept these zombie-like creatures at bay Henry using his keen scientific mind shut down the strange reaction Shawn had begun. It was a grisly solution though and he ended up covering his entire arm in Shawns blood to be able to reach past the barrier the circle was producing to remove the medallion and once done the goons all dropped, lifeless or at least dormant. To make sure nothing unatural survived the party decided it was best if they burned the dock.

Shawn Foster was placed in the care of the good Dr. Hess who has the facilites to take care of the mentally infirm and his father, owner of Fosters Shipping was quite happy to have the doctor take care of the family’s loose ends so to speak.

Tracking Down the "Tugs"
Act 1 Scene 2

The party was meeting up so Pierre could get some interviews when they stumbled upon a rather upset and slightly intoxicated museum curator. He let it slip that the stone tablet that had been stolen had come from an anonymous donor. The transaction had been handled by the mysterious benefactors lawyer, though he seemed nervous about the whole deal.

Deciding to investigate the party checked out the lawyers office only to find that he’d barricaded himself in his office, perhaps for days, drinking scotch and scribbling on the walls. Strange alien symbols and horrific images were scratched into the walls into his desk, and just about every other surface in the rooms.

As the party tried to talk him down to some semblance of sanity Pierre and Dr. Hess were alerted to someone coming up the elevators (Dr. Hess had bravely volunteered to be in the rear…to watch everyone’s backs of course). When the elevators arrived though there was no one there though something unseen could be heard running past the pair down the office halls towards the lawyers office. The party quickly dealt with their unseen party crasher and found that it was a strange feline creature with chameleon like properties.

They managed to calm the lawyer down long enough to get some info out of him. The tablet that had been stolen had belonged to his client Shawn Foster, of the famous Fosters shipping company. One of the biggest family’s in town they owned a great deal of the waterfront and many properties around wellstone. Shawn had been financing strange trips around the world to aquire strange artifacts. Shawn didnt have the money for these kinds of ventures himself but the family did, and seemed to turn a blind eye to his use of family assets for these expeditions. In recent months Shawn had grown more and more erratic, obsessed with trying to find this tablet and oblivious to the damage he’d been doing to the family fortune, and reputation should some of his methods for finding this tablet be discovered. Once Shawn had found it though he seemed no better, constantly locked away in his docks warehouse with the artifacts, his lawyer thought he was acting in Shawns best interest when he took the tablet and offered it to the museum. Hoping some distance from it would help Shawn snap out of his manic state.

Unfortunately he’d badly misjudged Shawns reaction and was ill prepared for what happened next. The brazen museum robbery for one and the constant harassment and death threats he’d received from Shawn and his hired goons.

Hearing this the party quickly dashed off to the docks in hope of capturing Shawn Foster and his goons red handed.

Night at the Museum
Act 1 Scene 1

Tommygun It was quite the night for the party goers at the Wellstone City Museum. What started out as a simple exhibition fundraiser quickly turned into a nightmare for the wealthy and elite of the city. Thankfully, due to the actions of a few brave souls, the ruffians who busted into the dinner were met with some spirited, if impromptu, resistance. Unfortunately there were some heavy losses among the wealthiest and most influential families which affected even city hall itself as the mayor was struck down during the ruffians charge to the priceless antiquities of the exhibition which seem to have been the cause and focus of this horrendous attack.

As luck would have it though, medical attention was quickly at hand and the brave Dr. Herman Hess attended to the wounded mayor and his lovely daughter Cynthia. Making it almost a personal duty to care for them that night and spiriting them off to…safety?

The bulk of the heroics that night was handled by some local characters, an up and coming actor by the name of Mark Spitz whose valiant swordsmanship, and showmanship, complimented Mr. Henry Daghlian quick thinking and somewhat brutal actions to take care of the unexpected party crashers.

The local paper, The Wellstone World News really is about to make it to the world stage with tomorrows front page. The signiture photo of a masked criminal a split second before he’s impaled by an ancient spear. This photo and quite a few others were taken by a brave photo journalist who not only found time to get what is sure to be some award winning photographs, but also deal with the situation directly.

Unfortunately a few of the goons managed to escape into the night, though they were pursued by the dynamic duo of Harry and Spitz in the Spitzter. Though a successful chase brought about an untimely end to the goons escape one of them managed to make his way down into the sewers with his ill gotten goods, the artifacts ransacked from their display case. Upon chasing the party crasher down into the sewers, Spitz recieved quite the fright upon finding what was left of their assailant. He had been dealt with most harshly by forces as yet unknown and was a mess of flesh and desecration.


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